Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary to My Wonderful Husband

Happy 15 years to my wonderful husband!

Favorite Spots in Cayman

I now have two snorkeling kids!  Clearly the Sea Wasp sting I received didn't phase them a bit.

On our way down the path to Cemetary Reef; one of our favorite beach spots.  There is a cemetary on the left side of the fence that is right on the water.  We have come here every year to swim and snorkel.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


June 25th was a very exciting day in Cayman as I went out to snorkel with my daughter, son, and husband.  The current was really strong and was causing poor visibility with lots of sand being churned up from the current.  We like to snorkel around the dock since there are lots of fish there and it is very common for us to see sting rays, tarpon, parrot fish, lobster, and others.
My daughter had just learned to use a snorkel mask the day before and wanted to go again to see the fish.  I was just about to come in with her since the visibility and current were so strong when I felt a sting on my left wrist.
I quickly grabbed her and ran in to put vinegar on it.  Then I started into the most excruciating pain I have ever had.  I went down to the dive shop to find out what to do, they put a lovely grainy ointment on it (as seen in the picture of my arm) and told me it should be better soon.  After an hour of pain I headed back to the dive shop, where Stu told me that I most likely was stung by a Sea Wasp which is a jellyfish related to the Box Jellyfish of Australia (very deadly).  He was stung by one last year.
The only way I could bear the pain was to have a bag of ice on my arm at all times.  By evening the pain was still there and I went in to the ER in Cayman. I saw a nice British Dr. who said it was a sea wasp sting and he couldn’t believe I didn’t come in sooner.  The pain is horrible and most people are put in a hospital bed and hooked up to IV pain meds to manage their pain until it gets better.  He gave me that option, but I just wanted to find out how long it would last and get some pain meds.  He said by morning I would be much better.  I got an anti-inflammatory shot in my “bum” and then an ointment and pain pills.  The Dr. did say none of it would make that much difference; this is just one of those things you have to wait out.  He also told me I would most likely not sleep that night.
Don’t you hate when the Doc is right?  The pain got worse before it finally started to subside.  It was 15 hours of pain and I didn’t sleep until 3 am.
I am just very thankful that my daughter or son was not stung.  I guess only 4 or 5 people a year are stung here, I am lucky!
Below are a picture of my arm and of the beautiful sea creature; the Sea Wasp.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011


The pictures above show why we love coming to Cayman every year.  We never get tired of this location and I think that is because you don’t get tired of God’s amazing creation.  His work is beautiful and even its beauty is ever changing.  The shore line changes, the trees grow or die, but each change brings about a new kind of beauty to see. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We are on our annual trip to the Cayman Islands…I know hard life!  No, we don’t have off shore bank accounts here or anything like that, we are just blessed with generous parents who like to take us on family vacations (Cayman is a great windsurf spot, an important sport to my dad and husband).
Traveling is always an adventure.  Leaving the house at 3:30 am to who knows what may happen during our day of travel.
This trip I found out that if you wear a long dress you will be escorted to a glass room for a “pat down” by security.  I was more than happy to lift up my dress to show them I was not concealing anything…but that made security even more uncomfortable, so I waited for the female TSA agent to come check me out.  I give the LAX pat down about an 8 on thoroughness.  I had an 11 rated pat down in the Jamaica airport one time and after a pat down like that you are a pretty good judge.
On the first flight we had 3 little boys sitting behind us.  An hour into the flight my 9 year old son said, “I could do without the kid behind me kicking my seat the whole time.”  My response, “Well, 5 years ago you WERE that kid behind you”…”Oh”, my son said.
While flying it is always fun to check out the Sky Mall magazine.  There are always so many odd things you can buy.  My favorites were: “Big Foot, the Bashful Yeti” Tree Sculpture; Passing the Bar, the board game (I am pretty sure every lawyer I know never wants to re-live that); and Faux Work pant Loungewear complete with a faux work belt graphic built right in.
The end of our plane trip was celebrated by my 6 year old daughter locking herself in the airplane lavatory.  The conversation went like this: “Open the lock at the top of the door”, “Mommy, I can’t find the trash for my paper towel”, “Open the lock and I will show you where it is”, “I can’t find the trash for my paper towel”…as the conversation got louder the nice flight attendant unlocked the door from the outside.
We are now at our final destination…ah, worth every minute of the travel adventure!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Teacher Gifts

It is the end of the school year and I always want to thank the kid’s teachers with a nice gift.  Unfortunately nice gifts cost lots of money.  So, I always find another parent in the class to go in with me on a creative thoughtful gift.  I came up with this one a couple of years back, and until my kids actually have the same teacher, I plan on giving it every year.
First, I get one of my favorite “baskets”.  I can usually find these at Costco, Wal-Mart, or TjMaxx.  Second, I fill it with yummy fun food from Trader Joes.  Third, I find their initial, usually at Michaels, and tie it on the basket.  Complete it with a nice note and you have a nice teacher gift!

Barbie Party

I know I haven’t blogged in a while, but that end of school year stuff had me running all over!  I was spending part of almost every day volunteering at school in one way or another.  I love all the end of school year fun, so I had to volunteer so I could be involved and take pictures!  Enough of that, here is the good stuff:
My daughter turned six on May 26th so we had a very fun Barbie party!  My good friend Sunny gave me the idea of decorating with books for holidays and events.  I always have loved walking into her house to see how she has used her children’s books to decorate that month.  So creative!  Of course I stole her idea for my daughter’s party and pulled out every Barbie book I had…then pulled out all of her (and mine) Barbie toys and paraphernalia.  What a fun way to decorate, and I didn’t spend any money on the decorations!
After a trip to the dollar store for paper goods, balloons, and party favors, I was ready!  Oh, did I mention the Barbie cake I made that takes a normal adult 2 hours and took me 7 hours to complete?  It was worth it, and if my daughter (or son) ever wants one again I will be able to do it much faster! Ha, Ha!  We all had a great girly time!