Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Clay Jewelry Dish

Our elementary school art program decided to change our clay project for 2nd grade this year.  We are now teaching the students how to make a jewelry dish with lace impressions and a heart.

First, roll out a 1/4-1/2 inch slab of clay per student.  Make sure you use the clay clothes to roll and put clay on as you prepare.  Use the blue bowls to make sure your clay is the right size, with enough left over to use the small heart cookie cutters to create your heart.

Before the students cut their bowl and heart out, have them do their lace impressions.

After they have covered their clay with lace impressions have the adult helpers place their bowl and heart cutter and let the students cut them out.

Don't remove the clay dish yet, but do remove the heart and have them score the back with a plastic knife.  Then score the dish where the heart will go.

Using slip (as mall mixture of water and a dime size amount of clay) wet the scored areas and "glue" the heart to the the heart firmly for the students when picking up the dish.

Now all the adult helpers can go around collecting the clay dish and put it in the red bowls to give it a jewelry dish curved form.

The jewelry dishes can be removed from the red bowls and will keep their shape after 4 or 5 days.

Don't forget to put the students name or number on the bottom...have adults do this!

I let the students play with their extra clay and then collected it all and "squashed" it down in the bag so the students could see how it would go to be used in another class!